Hieu Nguyen

War's unwomanly face - Quotes

Dec 28 2021

Tamara Lukyanovna Torop:

War kills time, precious human time.

Papa’s long gone, but I continue to love him. I don’t believe when people say that men like him were stupid and blind - believing in Stalin. Fearing Stalin. Believing in Lenin’s ideas. Everyone thought the same way. Believe me, they were good and honest people, they believed not in Lenin or Stalin, but in the Communist idea. In socialism with a human face, as they would call it later. In happiness for everybody. For each one. Dreamers, idealist - yes; blind - no.

Antonina Mironovna Lenkova:

We worked in snow, in mud. Under bombardment. And no one told us again that we were beautiful. But beautiful girls were pitied at the war, more pitied. That’s true. It was a pity to bury them… A pity to send the death notice to their mamas… Ah, Fuck it all…