Hieu Nguyen

Fix issues when upgrading LEGO Boost MoveHub

Apr 20 2022

After buying a LEGO Boost (17101) and start the app, I get stucked when the app asked me to upgrade firmware, but the MoveHub always turned off during the process. After asking support service from LEGO, I applied this solution and it worked for me:

  1. Install the LEGO Powered Up App from app store
  2. Open the Powered Up App on your smart device
  3. Tap on any one of the sets
  4. Tap on the Bluetooth symbol on the upper left
  5. Press and hold the green power button on the BOOST Move hub.
  6. Once the power light on the BOOST starts flashing red, blue, and green. Release power button.
  7. The app will automatically start a firmware update. If there is a prompt, ok the update.
  8. Once update completes, hub will connect to Powered Up app automatically.
  9. Exit out of Powered Up app by completely closing it (minimizing it will not be enough to disconnect the hub)
  10. Open BOOST app.
  11. Tap on any model, any activity and tap on the green power button on the hub when prompted.
  12. Success! BOOST Move hub is connected and it’s power light should be a solid blue.